Thoughts and Reflections

Inspiration from Rasonia Herring Ministries


Living My Best Life

Psalm 1

  1. Can't walk with the wrong people.

  2. Can't stand in agreement with the wrong people.

  3. Can't sit among people who don't magnify your God.

  4. Must live in the Word.

  5. Must meditate on the Word, not just read it.

  6. Day and night means through the good times and bad times.

  7. Your stability is found in these principles.

  8. Your blessings are established within the wisdom of obedience to these principles.

Photograph by David J. Sluss


There are many seasons in our lives. Our seasons are identified by particular markers. Spring seasons are marked by an abundance of rain and the emergence of new life. Summer seasons boast of warm weather and life in full bloom. During fall seasons, things begin slowing down, flowers die and leaves change colors. Winter is marked by a definite change in temperature, the arrival of snow and the hibernation of vegetation.

When we enter the various seasons of our lives we too have indicators. Once we have entered the winter season we are then considered to be seasoned. Seasons come and seasons go. Some are quick and some seem as if they will never end. How long we stay in a season depends upon the appropriateness of our actions during that season.

There are seasons within seasons. We are in a fall season and time repeats itself daily marking the passage of time. God gave us the sun, moon, and stars to mark the passage of time and seasons. There are 60 seasons in an hour, 24 seasons in a day, 7 seasons in a week, 4 seasons in a month, 13 seasons in a quarter solstice, and 52 seasons in a year.

How well are you managing the season that you find yourself? Are you having to repeat some of the seasons in your life? Have your learned to glorify God in every season?


Learning How to Forgive

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